Fast & Invisible Lingual Braces

There is a cosmetic alternative for anyone who wants an attractive smile, but has been told they are not a good candidate for Invisalign® or who wants the treatment done much faster and without compromise. That alternative is hidden braces on the back of the teeth. We call that “Lingual Braces” and of course the braces are totally invisible! Most any orthodontic problem can be treated with Lingual Braces (IBraces is another name).

This has become an important option for those who have been told that their problem could not be treated with other cosmetic appliances. Or they were told the problem could not be treated completely.

Dr Moles and Dr. Ferri know that getting the back teeth to fit is the most important part of orthodontics. It’s the foundation upon which everything else rests. They both know it’s a disservice to align the front teeth and to ignore or only partially correct the back teeth. Since orthodontics has long term effects, they make it a point to get the best bite possible for every patient. The options for treatment they present are based on that philosophy. For that reason, they are very excited to be one of the few doctors in Wisconsin to offer hidden Lingual Braces (IBraces). They offer 3 convenient locations located in Milwaukee, Racine and Brookfield just minutes from Greenfield and Waukesha.

With hidden Lingual braces, they can provide the same uncompromising level of quality as conventional braces in a way that is totally invisible. Schedule an appointment at one of our 3 convenient locations in Milwaukee, Racine and Brookfield (just minutes from Greenfield and Waukesha).