Patient Testimonials

"I am already amazed at the technology in the office and the great professionalism! Keep up the good work."

~ Courtney Stulo

"We are actually going to miss coming to the office. We thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with everyone at the office. Everyone was always kind, patient and professional."

~ Faye Hanley

"It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. Being 40, it was a little queer coming for braces. Dr. Moles and his staff made me feel very comfortable. Often I felt as if I were the only patient. My new smile is beautiful. Thank you Dr. Moles (and Sure Smile)."

~ Ilka Pollock

"Making the choice between Suresmile and conventional braces was easy for us, once we looked at the facts. Using Suresmile meant a much shorter treatment time, which means less visits, this translates into less missed work and school. That alone was on our list of priorities. My daughter's complicated problem was corrected in just 13 months vs. the 24 months predicted with conventional braces. I believe the time spent at each visit was also shortened with the use of the Suresmile 3-D imaging and computerized treatment plan. This process allows the customized wires to be pre-bent prior to each visit, reducing the discomfort and inconvenience of more frequent adjustments associated with conventional braces. Overall, I would definitely recommend Suresmile to anyone who is considering braces. Thanks to Dr. Moles and his excellent staff for making this a very positive experience for us!”

~ Janet Tryba

"Absolutely efficient and effective! Not only was the quality of care top notch, but the staff is "premium", "number one", "best of the best" - all are kind, caring people who know their jobs well and like the job and each other."

~ Julie Field

"We received absolutely the best treatment in all facets of our experience. Everything was discussed and explained fully and delivered as promised. Appointments were timely. Fun things were offered for patients - ie. Game boys, contests, and most important - everything was done with staff who appear to like their jobs and each other."

~ Julie Field

"Professional, friendly, kind. The staff was always attentive to my son. Positive and encouraging. Always felt they were actually happy to see us and happy to be at work."

~ Linda Bossow

"You should teach office management to others in the dental industry - and customer service because you excel and it's obvious that your team communicates."

~ Linda Lamb

"I was assured that I would receive fast service with a quality outcome - that's exactly what happened! Dr. Moles is a great doctor with a caring attitude - What a great combo!"

~ Maria Vazquez

"Extremely efficient, professional and friendly. The focus was always on the patient - making the experience as enjoyable as possible, offering motivation for the most positive outcome."

~ Mary Altenberg

"Go to Dr. Moles if you want excellent results. Great staff that won't settle for anything less than perfect (including Dr. Moles)"

~ Neil Staeck

"Thank you guys for everything! All I did in this survey was tell you you're doing everything right. So if that helps, I'm grateful. I look at my smile in the mirror every day and I have you all to thank. I appreciate everything you've done!!"

~ Neil Staeck

"I am very satisfied with Tyler's treatment. We were all surprised at the short amount of time Tyler had his braces on. Plus, he is in 8th grade and will start high school next year without braces. Tyler is extremely happy about this. Tyler sure does smile a lot more since his braces were removed. There is a marked improvement in his confidence. Tyler's teeth look beautiful!! We are extremely happy with Moles Orthodontics. We do recommend you to everyone we know. Realizing that insurance pays very little or nothing in some cases, I would have done it anyway. As being a child and hiding his mouth, to now he is a very handsome boy with great teeth. We are very grateful. Dr. Moles will be remembered forever. Dr. Moles' work is priceless, it is not just his teeth, but we were touched in our hearts. You can feel the care and concern from Dr. Moles and his entire staff. They truly are the best!"

~ Sherry Van Engen

"Everyone was always very friendly, very helpful and very concerned. All adjustments were done in a skilled, competent and professional way."

~ Tom Henkel

"My teeth and bite were really in bad shape and a challenge to correct. It was fantastic to see the changes and how the teeth became properly aligned without extractions or surgery. Totally impressive job!"

~ Tom Henkel

"We came out of a bad experience at a previous orthodontist. My daughter could not have been happier with her treatment at Dr. Moles. She had no more mouth sores and didn't mind going anymore. She loved the friendly staff and loves her new, straight teeth! Thank you so much!!!"

~ Tracy Holterman

"Before beginning treatment with Dr. Moles, I had been treated by another orthodontist. After many years of un-professionalism and false promises, I met Dr. Moles. The integrity and true professionalism that Dr. Moles and his outstanding staff showed me, I could not believe that a perfect smile was possible. I use to feel like the ugly kid in school, but after having exceptional orthodontic work by Dr. Moles and staff, I now have all the confidence in the world and actually laugh without covering my smile. Thank you, Dr. Moles and staff. You are miracle workers!"

~ Trent Bitz