Do I Need Braces? 5 Reasons to Consider Them

Has your smile never been your strong suit? Have you smiled without showing teeth as long as you can remember? It probably never occurred to you that it might be a good idea to consider braces.

Braces don’t have the stigma that they used to have. In fact, lots of adults get them.

teeth with braces

So, if you often ask yourself if you should get braces, here are five reasons to consider getting them.

1. Your Smile

You’d probably like to have a great smile. Not only does having a good smile feel good, it can affect other aspects of your life.

For instance, if you don’t smile much, it could hold you back professionally and personally. Maybe you’ve wondered if friends might think you’re aloof because you don’t smile much, and not smiling may have even prevented you from getting a job or two.

You’re a great friend and a dedicated worker, and there’s no reason for your smile to hold you back. This alone might be a reason you need braces. Sure, it might mean having braces for a few years, but it’ll be worth it if you are proud to show off your smile.

Remember, smiles are contagious!

2. Your Teeth Move

An injury, health condition, pregnancy, or natural growth can cause teeth to shift. After having children, teeth can move around a bit too.

Did you ever have a friend who had braces for years as a teenager but then never wore their retainer? Now that person regrets it, and is asking themselves again, “Do I need braces?” This can happen.

3. Other Tooth and Gum Problems

Do you have a crossbite? Maybe your bottom teeth are starting to crowd or there’s a gap between your front teeth. This can lead to plaque and food buildup between teeth.

Perhaps you’ve had to get root planing and scaling three or four times a year to prevent periodontal disease. If so, it’s likely you might need braces to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

4. Other Health Issues

Health issues can also signal a need for braces. For instance:

  • Are you getting a lot of headaches?
  • Is your primary care doctor or dentist suggesting that you may be grinding or clenching your teeth?
  • Do you get lots of canker sores from accidentally biting the inside of your mouth?

Your doctor might be recommending a night guard, but braces can also solve these problems.

5. Braces are Better and More Affordable

You may have thought that braces would be painful and beyond your price range. But life with braces today is very different than from when you were a kid, and braces are much more affordable now. There are also a lot more options, like clear braces and Invisalign.

Orthodontists are willing to work out payment plans to fit your budget, so money shouldn’t get in the way of having a great smile or healthy gums and teeth. In addition, many insurance plans cover part of the cost.

So, Ask Yourself, “Should I Get Braces?”

Yes! If you want to have a smile that lights up a room, you might want to talk to an orthodontist about getting braces. Never be ashamed to show off your pearly whites again.

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