American Association of Orthodontists

The American Association of Orthodontists website offers valuable information about orthodontics, the dangers of DIY orthodontic treatments, and answers to frequently asked questions about orthodontic care. Visit their website to learn more

American Board of Orthodontics

The American Board of Orthodontics website offers information on the benefits of choosing a board-certified orthodontist and how the board certification process works. Visit their website to learn more

American Dental Association

The American Dental Association website offers advocates for oral health by providing scientific research from reputable health organizations, information on public health initiatives and programs, informative health publications, and more. Visit the ADA website to learn more.


The Invisalign® website offers in-depth information about treatment, including before and after treatment images. Learn why 4 million people have chosen Invisalign® so far. The website also includes information for adults, teens, and the parents of teens considering treatment. Visit their website or learn more about our Invisalign® treatment options here.

Schulman Study Group

The Schulman Study Group is an association of prominent orthodontic practices who share a commitment to patient care, professional experience, and continuing education. They believe in sustaining high standards and using new technology to achieve the best outcomes for their patients. Visit their website or learn about the new technology we use here.


The suresmile website offers detailed information about suresmile technology, treatment and benefits. Helpful information about treatment options and case studies are also presented. Visit their website or learn more about our suresmile treatment options here.

Seacure Custom Mouthpiece

Invented by our own Dr. Randall Moles, the Seacure Custom Mouthpiece is a moldable mouthpiece that helps alleviate the problems that teeth clenching during diving causes. Each mouthpiece is customized to precisely fit the individual diver’s mouth, teeth, jaws, and gums. Visit the Seacure Custom Mouthpiece website to learn more.

Smile for a Lifetime

The Smile for a Lifetime foundation is a charitable non-profit that provides free braces to children and teens ages 11-18 who may not otherwise have the opportunity to acquire orthodontic care. Dr. Moles and Dr. Ferri partner with the foundation to share the gift of good orthodontics with the underprivileged. Visit their website or learn more about how you can help here.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Oral Health page offers information & resources on maintaining good oral health, finding state-based oral health programs, and government-sponsored research and publications. Visit their website to learn more.

Our YouTube Channel

Visit the MolesOrthodontics YouTube channel to find resource videos about our practice, suresmile treatment, Invisalign® treatment, caring for your teeth with braces, and more. Or listen to one of our past patients explain what having a great smile means to him in a personal testimonial.