Patient Care Videos

Patient Testimonial

See what one patient has to say about how the skilled and caring staff of Moles & Ferri helped increase his confidence about himself and his smile.

Decalcification Orthodontics

See how decalcification of your teeth after braces removal works in this short, animated video.

Brushing Techniques with Braces

Learn the proper way to brush front-facing braces in this informative, animated video.

Flossing with Super Floss

Learn the proper way to use Super Floss while wearing braces in this animated video.

Normal Eruption Panoramic View

See how your permanent teeth replace your baby teeth in this informative animated video.

Meet Dr. Randall Moles

Learn about Dr. Moles, his team, his philosophy, and his treatment methods in this comprehensive video. Informative highlights include segments about Invisalign® and suresmile treatments, and one-on-one interviews with clients and dentists attest to how happy they are with Moles & Ferri Orthodontics. As one dentist puts it, “Dr. Moles is the best of the best.”