About SureSmile®

Our certified orthodontists offer suresmile, a type of orthodontic braces that promises fewer office visits, shorter treatment times, and less overall discomfort than traditional braces. For a consultation, call to schedule an appointment. We have three convenient treatment locations in Milwaukee, Racine, and Brookfield.

What Is It?

Like traditional braces, suresmile uses brackets and wires to guide teeth into position to straighten them, remove gaps, fix overcrowding, and fix other common orthodontic issues. Unlike regular braces, suresmile uses 3D imaging technology and precision-bent archwires that studies have shown achieve comparable results in 30% less time.

How Does It Work?

An optical or CBCT scan of the teeth is used to make a 3D model of the mouth. This initial digital model is then used to simulate different treatment options, diagnose issues, and to build a digital treatment plan. After the treatment plan is finalized, specialized robots are used to bend and shape each wire that will be used throughout the treatment. The specialized machines used to bend the wires are accurate to 1/10th of a millimeter, a level of accuracy that even the most skilled orthodontist could not likely meet.

Due to the specialized software and technology used in suresmile treatment, it offers precise outcomes and treatment times that average roughly 30% shorter than traditional braces. And, due to the high precision bending of the archwires, fewer office visits, wire changes, and adjustments are needed. Because there are fewer adjustments with suresmile, patients typically experience less pain and discomfort over the course of the treatment.

Smiling Milwaukee Woman with Suresmile Braces from Moles & Ferri
Is It Right For Me?

If you need braces, suresmile is probably an option for you. Since it uses brackets and archwires just like standard braces, suresmile works for the same orthodontic problems, including gapped teeth, underbites, overbites, and crowded teeth.

It is important to remember that because suresmile uses brackets and archwires, it may not be right for patients who will experience self-consciousness or who will have problems maintaining them. Two alternative options for those worried about appearance, however, are Invisalign® and lingual braces. With lingual treatment, the brackets and wires are placed behind the teeth, where they are partially hidden from view.

How Does It Compare to Other Treatment Options?

Compared to traditional braces, suresmile offers shorter treatment times, fewer office visits, fewer painful adjustments, and precision technology. The brackets and wires used are not removable during the course of treatment and are typically visible. For those who are apprehensive about the effect braces can have on one’s appearance, lingual braces are an option, however.

Compared to our most popular alternative to braces, Invisalign® , suresmile offers precision technology and the ability to be used in cases where tooth rotation, spacing, overbite, or underbite is so severe that Invisalign® treatment cannot be used.

Schedule a Consultation

We firmly believe in the benefits and effectiveness of suresmile. To learn more about the treatment options, we encourage you to visit their website at https://www.suresmile.com/ or to schedule a consultation at any one of our three locations.