What are the Benefits of Wearing Braces?

When you think of braces, you likely just think of straight teeth. Although straightening teeth is a significant benefit of wearing braces, it’s not the only reason why orthodontists and dentists recommend them. There are even greater benefits to wearing braces than just aesthetics. It’s true that orthodontic braces can give you a beautiful smile, but let’s explore a few ways that they can help improve your overall health.

1. Alleviation of Speech Impairment

Did you know that disproportionate teeth have an impact on the way we sound out words? Teeth play a crucial role in helping you distinctly pronounce words. Therefore, if teeth are misaligned, this can negatively affect your speaking patterns. Braces are beneficial in adjusting the positioning of teeth to give you clearer speech. Additionally, realigning the jaw or teeth provides more room for your tongue to easily move about, thus reducing the slurring of words.

2. Braces are Beneficial in Preventing Bone Erosion

Misaligned teeth often lead to bone loss. This occurs when bacteria begin to eat away at the bones. Braces move periodontal ligaments by stretching the connective tissues and nerves. Over time, the bones will naturally rebuild once they settle into their new spot.

3. Braces Aid Digestion

Your teeth play an important role in digestion. Before food can even enter your stomach, it must be partially digested by teeth. It can be difficult to chew food into tiny bits if your teeth are misaligned. As a result, the stomach takes longer to digest food. Once you can chew properly with the help of braces, your food will be more easily and fully digested. 

4. Braces Help Improve Your Overall Oral Health

Your teeth may overlap with each other and create tight spaces when they’re crooked or crowded. Straighter teeth are generally easier to clean, brush and floss. With orthodontic treatment, your teeth will become properly aligned and spaced out so that you can clean your mouth better. And although braces cover a significant part of your teeth, there are ways that you can maneuver between brackets and wires to thoroughly brush and floss. Getting in between those small spaces between your teeth is important to the health and longevity of your teeth.

5. Braces Provide a Confidence Boost

One of the best parts of having braces is how much it can raise someone’s self-esteem. Oftentimes, people don’t feel confident in showing off their teeth when they’re crooked. This can lead to low self-esteem and anxiety. It helps to know that braces are a temporary treatment option that can provide you with a lifetime of a warm, confident smile.

Experience the Benefits of Braces for Yourself

As you can see, orthodontic treatment can help with a wide range of oral health problems and may save you time and money in the future. If you’re not sure if braces are right for you, consider the benefits above and schedule your free consultation with the Moles & Ferri Orthodontic Specialists. Visit us at any one of our locations in Milwaukee, Racine, or Brookfield Wisconsin. Contact us today!